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An Alberta Staffing Agency That Cares – Diversified Does More Than Offer Staffing Services

Diversified Staffing believes that staffing agencies in Alberta should do more than supply job postings for temporary positions. We believe that staffing agencies in Alberta need to be proud members of the diverse and growing Albertan community. Though never sacrificing our quality Alberta staffing agency and job search core responsibilities, we feel that it is essential that we give back a little of what we have gained. That is why, as one of the largest Calgary staffing agencies, we provide scholarships, free training, and participate in the community in a variety of ways – just so that we can help make Alberta a better place.

Diversified’s staffing services have been involved in the following:

  • Calgary Corporate Challenge – major sponsor and board member for both Calgary and Edmonton. All internal Diversified Staff participate in this worthwhile charity.
  • Lindsay Alcock – is a member of the Olympic Skeleton team, Diversified Staffing Services has sponsored her through to the next Olympics.
  • Agape Hospice – Diversified Staffing sponsored the building of a garden for patients.
    Clean Scene – a counselor that travels to Junior and Senior High Schools throughout Alberta makes students aware of the perils of drug use.

Creating solutions for employment in Alberta, Canada is only one part of our Calgary staffing agency services. We believe that no Alberta staffing agencies are really complete until the agency makes itself a productive member of the community as a whole. If you’re looking to partner with staffing agencies in Edmonton Alberta, Calgary, or elsewhere, give Diversified Staffing a call. There are several staffing agencies in Edmonton, Alberta but working with a company that cares about the community and that has a long history of serving Alberta makes good sense for businesses and for individuals. Not all staffing agencies in Alberta are committed to excellence for staff, clients, and the community. We are proud to serve all three.

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