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More CPP Changes – Effective January 1, 2012

25 Jan '12

Earlier this month the Canada Revenue Agency issued this statement about a change to CPP and how it will apply to Wage Loss Replacement Plans (WLRP): “In December 2011, new CPP legislation clarified that all payments made from uninsured WLRPs are considered to be remuneration from pensionable employment. This legislation is retroactive to January 1, […]

Basic Exemption changes – Federal and Provincial

16 Dec '11

Please note the basic exemption for federal and provincial has changed effective Jan 1, 2012. A new TD1 form must be completed if you are claiming more than the basic amount for Federal / Provincial tax or requesting addition tax deduction. If there is no change to your basic exemption no action is required. For […]

CPP – Long Term Viability?

16 Nov '11

Canada has a growing, concerning issue. We have more than a generation of people groomed on the “Freedom 55” concept. Build your retirement up and don’t wait until you are 65. Choose a better path and retire ten years earlier and enjoy life. But, we also have an attitude, sub-conscious or not, that the government […]