Articles: Human Resources

Job Search Tips for Tough Economic Times

31 Mar '15

Job Search Tips for Tough Economic Times It’s a tough time for many Albertans right now. It is no secret; many of us depend on the production and prices of oil for our livelihood, either directly or indirectly. Oil hit a six year low recently, business has slowed, layoffs seem to be constantly in the […]

A “Peace” Work Quilt

06 Nov '14

Do you agree that a quilt is only as memorable as the place of intention from which it was created? Stitched together, many diverse remnants and unique “peaces” can come together as a unified whole.  A quilt is much like a group of persons, be it a family, organization, city…, country, all of which are […]

Don’t give these answers during your interview

17 May '12

After receiving a call from an employer inviting you in for an interview, it’s common to feel simultaneously ecstatic, relieved and nervous. One of the best ways to calm those nerves is to be prepared for the interview. To do so, try and anticipate what questions the employer might ask. While at times questions can […]

10 Deadly Resume Sins

04 May '12

Wondering why you never hear back after sending your resume to a potential employer? Maybe it’s not even getting read. Employers and HR people are busy and important and they need to get through resumes as efficiently as possible. In many cases, there are hundreds of applicants for a given job, so, this often means […]

Pass the Screen to Get the Interview

20 Apr '12

If a potential employer phones, are you ready for a phone screen interview?   It’s important to realize that you are making your first impression over the phone before you ever set foot in an interview room. Many recruiters and hiring managers will spend a few minutes on the phone with candidates in order to […]

Top 10 Wardrobe Blunders that could be Costing You a Job

13 Apr '12

Whether you’re a new grad, rebounding from a recent layoff or returning to the workforce post-maternity leave, the job market is tougher now than ever thanks to the recession. Competition is fierce and you may think you have everything in order, but if a row of failed interviews has you wondering what you’re missing, consider […]

Skills and Certifications

14 Mar '12

  Many people have a tough time breaking out of roles they have been in for an extended period of time. Every day we encounter frustrated candidates who are trying to break out of retail, food service or other roles into a more stable 9 to 5 type of position. These candidates are sometimes railroaded […]

Knowledge Hiding

19 Jan '12

Defined as “an intentional concealment of knowledge requested by another [individual]”, knowledge hiding happens in every organization and is likely hurting your company more than you know. The following articles discuss different studies on how and why employees hide information and they also suggest some options that you might find useful on how to curtail […]

Basic Exemption changes – Federal and Provincial

16 Dec '11

Please note the basic exemption for federal and provincial has changed effective Jan 1, 2012. A new TD1 form must be completed if you are claiming more than the basic amount for Federal / Provincial tax or requesting addition tax deduction. If there is no change to your basic exemption no action is required. For […]