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The Perfect Summer Job?

16 Jun '17

Summer work placements that provide students with experience for their resumes and an opportunity to practically apply what they have learned are highly sought after at this time of year.  To gain relevant office, technical or corporate experience, many young professionals pursue co-op programs and internships; however, beyond these traditional ways of gaining experience, there […]

The Issues Faced when Finding Temporary Work

28 Apr '17

  What are the biggest issues faced when finding temporary work? First off, when we talk about issues, it boils down to a few key elements. The first of which is: What is preventing our candidates from becoming more successful in finding positions? Ultimately, when our candidates succeed, we follow suit. Here at Diversified Staffing, […]

The Value of Volunteering

26 Aug '16

With the downturn in the labour market reaching the 2 year mark, we speak with many job seekers that have been struggling. With each day of unemployment, a person’s frustration and fear can increase, while their confidence and self-worth can start to diminish. If local economists are accurate, we may not see an increase in […]

5 Tips on how to stay positive while looking for a job

17 Mar '16

Keep a daily routine/schedule for yourself and stick to it. By maintaining a routine at home you won’t feel like you are in a rut of nonproductive time. Keeping a routine will also help the transition into your new job more seamless. This might be a great time to sign up for a course or […]

9 Ways to Stand Out at Work

29 Jan '16

Know Your Strengths – Take a minute or two to think of the top three things you are best at. Get creative and think about how these strengths can be applied to your job. This will allow those around you to see you perform at your best and your strengths will be noticed and appreciated. […]

Fear Not, Become Diversified

11 Dec '15

Fear can stop you on your feet and block you from going forward.  Fear is most often associated with a loss of control.  How do we continue to function day to day when surrounded by uneasiness and uncertainty? First of all you must discern between the things that you can and cannot control.  Making a list […]

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Finding that Next Position

29 Oct '15

In times of economic slowdown, sometimes it is not enough to just send out numerous resumes, there are other things you can do to aid you in your search. Here are a few tips. Apply to a staffing agency (ideally Diversified Staffing). It’s ok to apply to a few agencies to broaden your chances of […]

The 4th Quarter…

30 Sep '15

For each of us the term “4th Quarter” may conjure up a different idea. For those in the business world, it’s the last 3 months of a fiscal year.  A time to re-examine the goals for the year and strategize how to reach them. In Football, it’s the last quarter of the game.  The previous […]

Setting Measurable Goals for Success

13 Aug '15

Measurable goals are important for people to have. A measurable goal should be a simple and attainable objective in one’s day. For example, if you work in a warehouse, a measurable goal may be to palletize the entirety of Monday’s order. Or if you work in an office, it could be to smile and greet […]

Social Media Etiquette

24 Jul '15

Imagine for a moment that you are a CEO, Manager, Recruiter etc. currently searching for the next great addition to your team. Finally after weeks of resume reviews, interviews and second interviews, you’ve narrowed your shortlist down to three and are now tasked with making the final decision on who to hire. How do you […]