The Perfect Summer Job?

16 Jun '17

Summer work placements that provide students with experience for their resumes and an opportunity to practically apply what they have learned are highly sought after at this time of year.  To gain relevant office, technical or corporate experience, many young professionals pursue co-op programs and internships; however, beyond these traditional ways of gaining experience, there […]

The Issues Faced when Finding Temporary Work

28 Apr '17

  What are the biggest issues faced when finding temporary work? First off, when we talk about issues, it boils down to a few key elements. The first of which is: What is preventing our candidates from becoming more successful in finding positions? Ultimately, when our candidates succeed, we follow suit. Here at Diversified Staffing, […]

2016 Edmonton Tenure Awards

20 Sep '16

At our most recent tenure awards in our Edmonton branch, DSS had 14 staff members receive awards based on their tenure of 5 years or more. Between all the staff members, the total years of experience is 150 years. Thank you to everyone for their continued hard work and dedication and we are very proud […]


16 Sep '16

Summer is over, but we Albertans are still surfing the waves as the oil and gas industry yanks us up and down in our powerful ocean playground.  This has been the Alberta way for decades, yet we still feel the exhilaration when at the top of a big wave.  You know, that wonderful feeling of […]

The Value of Volunteering

26 Aug '16

With the downturn in the labour market reaching the 2 year mark, we speak with many job seekers that have been struggling. With each day of unemployment, a person’s frustration and fear can increase, while their confidence and self-worth can start to diminish. If local economists are accurate, we may not see an increase in […]

The importance of changing your password

21 Jul '16

Most of us have heard by now how you should have different passwords for each of the services you use (i.e Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn), and how a good password will include a mix of numbers, letters and special characters. It’s your first line of defense against online attackers, and will protect you from the majority […]

Silver Lining….

26 May '16

As a glass half full type of person, it can get daunting to be bombarded by the messages we often hear in the media. There is never a shortage of information telling us what isn’t positive in our economy.  One  thing I know, even though it may be difficult to see,  there is  often a […]

In support of Fort McMurray

05 May '16

We would like to recognize all the work being done by safety personnel in the Fort McMurray area. Collectively, our hearts go out to those who have been displaced and those who have lost their homes. We are currently fundraising in order to assist organizations and individuals in need. We have set a goal to […]

5 Tips on how to stay positive while looking for a job

17 Mar '16

Keep a daily routine/schedule for yourself and stick to it. By maintaining a routine at home you won’t feel like you are in a rut of nonproductive time. Keeping a routine will also help the transition into your new job more seamless. This might be a great time to sign up for a course or […]

2016 – An Employer’s Market

25 Feb '16

As 2015 has ended and we are mid-way through the first quarter of 2016, we continue to see uncertainty in the Alberta market. A new political landscape that we have not seen in 40+ years, continued decrease in commodity pricing, global markets in turmoil and the low Canadian dollar have made it a challenging start […]