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2016 Edmonton Tenure Awards

20 Sep '16

At our most recent tenure awards in our Edmonton branch, DSS had 14 staff members receive awards based on their tenure of 5 years or more. Between all the staff members, the total years of experience is 150 years. Thank you to everyone for their continued hard work and dedication and we are very proud […]


16 Sep '16

Summer is over, but we Albertans are still surfing the waves as the oil and gas industry yanks us up and down in our powerful ocean playground.  This has been the Alberta way for decades, yet we still feel the exhilaration when at the top of a big wave.  You know, that wonderful feeling of […]

Silver Lining….

26 May '16

As a glass half full type of person, it can get daunting to be bombarded by the messages we often hear in the media. There is never a shortage of information telling us what isn’t positive in our economy.  One  thing I know, even though it may be difficult to see,  there is  often a […]

2016 – An Employer’s Market

25 Feb '16

As 2015 has ended and we are mid-way through the first quarter of 2016, we continue to see uncertainty in the Alberta market. A new political landscape that we have not seen in 40+ years, continued decrease in commodity pricing, global markets in turmoil and the low Canadian dollar have made it a challenging start […]

Security Commitment

23 Feb '15

Diversified Staffing Services has been a certified member of the International Standards Organization (ISO) in the past. Currently we follow our own Quality Service System (QSS) that is audited by two professionals, bound to and guided by our corporate mission. Pertaining directly to safety and security of information, Diversified Staffing Services’ Security Commitment: Diversified Staffing […]

5 Benefits of Temporary Employment

20 Feb '15

The term “temp-work” is often thought of with a negative connotation. However, many people are unaware of the perks of working on a temporary work assignment. Whether you are a student looking to make extra money, a trader worker with days off and nothing to do, a retiree looking to keep busy, or anywhere in […]

Planning Your Time to Be a Successful Account Consultant

10 Oct '14

One of the greatest challenges when managing a large sales territory is planning your time effectively to make the most of your day, week, month and quarter. We all fall into the patterns of talking to clients we all have a good relationship with because it is easy. A good client will always take time […]

Recipe for success with your customers

17 Apr '14

Reminisce back to arriving home to mom’s home-made baking … basic ingredients, elementary techniques. Mom’s baking was always the best, why? Perhaps it was the complete experience: mom in the kitchen waiting for you lovingly, the comfort of home, the familiar kitchen, the first delicious bite and of course, mom’s secret ingredient. What is a recipe you […]

The Happy Secret To Better Work….

20 Feb '14

Winter weather got you down?  Maybe it is not the winter blues but just your negative views…. Try retraining your brain to a more positive state.  Research is linking happiness to success.  As Shawn Achor (CEO of Good Think Inc) explains in “The Happy Secret To Better Work”. “It is not necessary the reality which […]

A Message from the Vice Chairs at Alberta’s Promise

12 Feb '14

“Life,” according to Albert Einstein, “is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” The same is true for organizations: it is only by moving forward that we succeed. And our forward momentum at Alberta’s Promise is only building. A few short weeks into 2014 and Alberta’s Promise is already laying […]