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Lumper vs. Swamper: Which is Correct?

05 Jan '18

Have you ever driven past a warehouse with a bunch of semi-truck trailers attached to it? Those trailers need to be unloaded, right? In a lot of cases staffing companies (especially Diversified Staffing Services) would supply people to unload trailers, should the warehouse not have dedicated staff. The general labourers that are tasked to unload […]

Did you know that Diversified Staffing Services is on Social Media?

04 Dec '15

Did you know that Diversified Staffing Services is on Social Media? We are on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow us to stay up to date in the latest job postings, community involvement, industry articles and general industry advice. Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on LinkedIn: Like us on […]

‘Tis the season… for security awareness

25 Nov '15

We are approaching some busy shopping seasons over the next couple of months here, this also means there will be an increase in SPAM, Malware, Scams and Hacks etc. So here are a few tips to help you navigate the digital world this season. Ensure your security software is up to date This mainly means […]

Think about your Resume

18 Sep '15

The first impression that employers most often have of candidates is from their resume. It is important to stand out from the stacks of applications, with a resume that really sells your skills and accomplishments. Does this deserve more than a cut and paste of new job details into a template? Think about your typical […]

“Preserving your summer”

04 Aug '15

Hurry up and read this!… but take your time. As business persons our days are often filled with lists to do and we routinely rush through these tasks.  Let’s face it – time flies!  And how often have you anticipated the warm summer days only at the end of it to say, ‘Wow! Summer went […]