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Need the Flu shot?

06 Feb '12

The difference between influenza and the common cold. Here’s the scoop: Both influenza and the common cold are viral respiratory infections (they affect the nose, throat, and lungs). Viruses are spread from person to person through airborne droplets that are sneezed out or coughed up by an infected person. In some cases, the viruses can […]

More CPP Changes – Effective January 1, 2012

25 Jan '12

Earlier this month the Canada Revenue Agency issued this statement about a change to CPP and how it will apply to Wage Loss Replacement Plans (WLRP): “In December 2011, new CPP legislation clarified that all payments made from uninsured WLRPs are considered to be remuneration from pensionable employment. This legislation is retroactive to January 1, […]

There’s still Fun in the Winter Sun

30 Dec '11

For many of us, this time of year brings colder weather, and blankets our usual areas of play and exercise with soft white snow. This results in staying inside longer where it’s warmer, and less time outside exercising and staying healthy. (Not to mention all the extra yummy treats around the holidays!) But why choose […]

Do you have S.A.D?

23 Nov '11

Winter weather taking its toll on you? Are you feeling down and overwhelmed by the dismal weather? You are not alone and this is something that affects many people. You could be a victim of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Taking a vacation is a wonderful way to get away, but not everyone has the luxury […]