Payroll Services

Payroll Services

More and more companies are relying on Diversified Staffing Services’ (DSS) payroll services to shoulder the administrative burden of paying employees. Experience shows that the internal processes behind the payroll administration of a temporary and contingent workforce can bog down the internal staff, diverting attention from more important activities related to developing and conducting the business. Leveraging the payroll expertise of DSS will alleviate the time-consuming process of having internal employees managing payroll, leading to cost savings and improved productivity. Factoring in the cost of printing and distributing cheques, general administrations, creating tax documents, and bookkeeping, in most cases, DSS’ payroll services offers the service for less. Our trained specialists ensure your payroll is processed accurately and on time, giving you the power to focus on core business initiatives. We also take special care to make sure your payroll complies with all Provincial and Federal regulations.

Some examples of why corporations use Non-Core Payroll are the following:

  • Short term hires – usually less than a year
  • Project hiring
  • Retired, family or friends
  • Students and co-op students
  • Budgets – charge PMP invoices to another cost centre – Governments use this
  • Savings on WCB – DSS rates cheaper
  • Savings on pension and benefits
  • Reduce headcount
  • Cash flow advantage
  • Seasonal and high turnover personnel areas

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