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Time after time Financial Staffing Solutions Calgary has proven itself to be the leader in accounting and finance firm recruiting, and the reason why is simple. We provide accounting career opportunities that match the skills of our employees to the needs of our clients.

Today’s marketplace is always changing, and the needs of our clients change with it. One day you may need an accounting staff of one, while the next day you need ten people just for payroll! We provide permanent and temporary accounting personnel that have the skill set that you need to make the transition painless.

On the other hand, if you are looking into a public accounting career, a temporary accounting job is perhaps not the way forward. We can help you to find a permanent placement in a financial services career that will match your skills and your desire to help others.

Whether you are an employer looking to balance your head count requirements, or an employee looking for something more challenging than that book keeping job description that you read this morning, we have the recruitment program to suit your needs.

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