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Accountancy staffing agencies know that accounting jobs are highly skilled, highly lucrative and highly sought after. If you’re looking for accountancy apprenticeships, you’ve come to the right place. In places like Edmonton, Alberta, jobs in the accounting field are opening faster than we can find people to fill them. It’s no surprise that Alberta leads the country in immigration and employment.

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Accountancy staffing agencies are busy. But they’re not all created equally. Come to Diversified Staffing Solutions to deal with a company that has an extensive history serving staff and companies in Alberta. We can help you locate accountancy apprenticeships or we can help you find a more senior position as well. Edmonton accounting jobs are plentiful and lucrative. These are perfect opportunities for out of province financial staff or even out of country staff, looking for a new home.

With Diversified Staffing Solutions, Calgary could be your new home, as your accounting career takes you to the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Well paying, with great incentives and a promising future, Calgary jobs are the envy of the nation and this accountant staffing agency’s aim is to match qualified accountants and apprentices with our clients who view us best among Calgary accountant staffing agencies.

Rather than searching the Calgary classifieds for accountancy apprenticeships when the listed jobs may not be a match to your specific skill set, why not take your skills to the people who know best how to apply them? At Diversified Staffing Solutions, Calgary & Edmonton, we are a leader among accountant staffing agencies who is ready and willing to find you the position that best utilizes your abilities.

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