Three Steps for Getting to the Interview Stage

With Alberta’s economy as volatile as it is, it is more important than ever to maximize your chances of getting to the interview stage when applying for a job. These three tips will help you stand out- in a good way, and avoid getting lost in the crowd.

  1. Ensure your Resume is up to date. Many applicants end up having their resumes left in a pile after only a cursory review by the hiring manager, while others get solid attention and promptly contacted for a face-to-face meeting. What separates the interviewer from the resume in the exile pile? The applicant that takes time to list relevant experience, state the duration of each prior position held and are up to the current date (leaving long gaps in your employment history can scare prospective employers off). Additionally, the contacted candidates make sure that their resume is concise and well formatted. You might be incredibly experienced and an asset to any company, but if a hiring manager needs to read ten pages in to find this out, they will likely pass. Formatting is very important. Make sure to proof your resume so it is easy to read and there are no dead spaces of white. Put your resume in a read only file format when applying online to make sure that your formatting does not go to waste.
  2. Ensure your contact information is up-to-date and professional. When providing an email address, don’t use your email from high school detailing your favorite hobby of the year (ex. This looks unprofessional and can alter how someone will look at the rest of your resume. Take a few minutes to set up a free email account, pick an email address that is simple and professional ( and put that on your resume.
  3. Be reachable! You might be a manager’s first choice to bring in for an interview you, however if they cannot get a hold of you in one or two tries, don’t expect them to wait around. If your phone line is not a private line, list times where you are available to take a call. If you set up a new email account as the tip above recommends, check it regularly, or at very least set it to forward all emails to an account you do check regularly.