PMCE- What is it and why do Calgary employment agencies use it?

Chances are, you have enjoyed a PMCE.   If I did an inquiry, I would probably find that, at some time, you have wanted or been part of a PMCE.

When you “GOOGLE” the acronym PMCE, you find the results of:

Portable Multimedia Consumer Electronics or a Public Management Center of Excellence.


These are the little things in life that take an okay or average experience to the pleasantly surprised or even WOW factor.

  • Have you ever had a swan made out of a towel waiting for you by the edge of the hotel tub?
  • A chorus of waiters serenade the birthday girl(or guy), with a complementary piece of cake ?
  • A fruit basket waiting in your room because you happen to let front reception know that it’s your anniversary?
  • A barista who made a drink in error and instead of pouring it down the drain, offered it to you, just because.

As a Calgary recruitment and staffing agency, we strive to create a connection with our Candidates and our Clients by getting to know them on a personal note.

It provides us the opportunity to support them in the processes and to celebrate with them in their successes and accomplishments.

A mug filled with a selection of teas or mixture of candies.  A gift card for their coffee break or a plant to say this desk is now my home.

Toques in the winter and tickets to events are all special ways of saying We VALUE YOU and we appreciate that you have chosen Diversified Staffing Services as your Calgary recruiters.

REMEMBER, It doesn’t have to cost money nor does it have to take a lot of time but what it does do is makes a lasting IMPRESSION!