Job Searching 101

When searching for gainful employment, the saying of “if you carry a hammer long enough, you will eventually hit something” does not work the same way when submitting your resume for everything and anything and hoping that a recruiter will give you a call for a position.

When applying for a job, strategy does play a part. For instance, when applying on a company job board it is important to carefully read the different job descriptions and apply to the one that you have the most relevant experience.

Submitting your resume is the first impression that you make on the company, so you want the company to know that you are serious and looking for something that you can make a contribution and become a part of a team.

One company with a variety of recruiters may have multiple postings, it is important to realize if you apply to all postings, it can send an impression to the recruiters that you are just looking for anything and everything and not taking your job search seriously.

By sending your resume for a role, you are implying to a company that you have the experience and credentials necessary for that role. If your resume is chosen for initial screening, and during that process it becomes clear that you do not have the software or knowledge that is essential to be successful, this could hinder any future contact by the company as they may feel you are wasting their time. Job searching is a time consuming process and alternatively it is for the company looking for that right fit.