Industrial Division

industrial The Industrial labour division of Diversified Staffing Services offers services in oilfield, construction, electrical, and general labour jobs. It has built a solid reputation by offering clients:

  • Industry-leading business hours
  • 24-hour service capabilities
  • Transportation of workers to site via cell phone-equipped vans for easy communication
  • The largest Industrial labour workforce in Alberta
  • A 60-minute window from the time you place your order to the time your workers arrive
  • Customized billing and reporting capabilities

Areas of Expertise

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Construction

Qualified Personnel

  • All Diversified Staffing Services’ personnel undergo an interview and reference check, and must provide photo identification or a SIN card.
  • All personnel have undergone comprehensive pre-employment testing.
  • Diversified can provide on-site employee management.

Group Time Slips
If required, we can customize a group time card for specific client use.

Pre-Assignment Identification
We can provide the names of all personnel scheduled to work an assignment prior to the first shift.

Temporary to Permanent
We have an industry-leading Temporary to Permanent program with no fee to the client at the end of the trial period.

Temporary to Budget
We’ve created an innovative cost-saving program that reduces the mark-up significantly at the conclusion of the trial period.

Staff Stability
We make every effort to provide a work environment conducive to a long-term professional career. This includes compensation, positive work environments, realistic workloads, and good working conditions. These candidate advantages benefit the client because we avoid training new internal staff, which is ultimately at the client’s expense.
We go beyond the industry norm in taking care of our temporary employees. This investment allows us to offer continuity of service to our clients.

Executive/Permanent Placement

Executive/Permanent Placement Division partners with companies across Canada by sourcing the best talent for a wide variety of industries and positions. Contact us for more information about this program.

Individual Benefits
Diversified Staffing offers Individual Benefit Plans. Learn More.