Tips to Increase Your Chances of Finding that Next Position

In times of economic slowdown, sometimes it is not enough to just send out numerous resumes, there are other things you can do to aid you in your search. Here are a few tips.

  1. Apply to a staffing agency (ideally Diversified Staffing). It’s ok to apply to a few agencies to broaden your chances of finding employment. Staffing agencies can be a great tool in your job search when the economy is unstable. A lot of companies can be reluctant to take on a new employee or they do not have the budget to add another person onto their payroll however work still needs to be completed. Companies can afford to add an agencies cost to a different category. Think of it like a working interview. This is a great way to show a company your value and make them feel that they would be losing out on a great worker so they feel the need to get you hired on as soon as they are able.
  2. Take advantage of social media. Sign up on LinkedIn and connect with hiring managers that are always looking to make additions to their team. Personalize a message why or how you can/will benefit their organization. It is also important to remember to always be careful what you post online as most employers these days do their own background research on candidates and you don’t want to post any self-harming images.
  3. Network. Attend networking events in the industry you are looking for a position in. There are some that may cost money and some that are free of charge. It is a great tool when you are looking to expand your phone book. Make connections and start building the bond because they will remember you when they are looking to hire.
  4. Join a club. This can be an informal way to social network that can be fun and less pressure than professional networking. Sometimes when looking for employment you are often stuck at home, this gets you outside, moving and stimulating your brain. Dodgeball anyone?