The 4th Quarter…

For each of us the term “4th Quarter” may conjure up a different idea.

For those in the business world, it’s the last 3 months of a fiscal year.  A time to re-examine the goals for the year and strategize how to reach them.

In Football, it’s the last quarter of the game.  The previous quarters behind them, the 4th  quarter can be the ultimate “game changer

To the rest of us, the 4th quarter starts with the month of October.

Schools are settled in, tryouts completed and winter sports teams established.

There is frost on the cars in the morn and the beauty of the leaves changing to crimson reds, golden yellows is undeniably spectacular.

Pumpkins are a plenty and costumes for Halloween are meticulously being created.

The retail market is planning and promoting for their most anticipated and busiest time of the year.

And For those provinces that honour daylight savings, a glorious extra hour of sleep as the clock falls back an hour.

And one of the most anticipated celebrations in the 4th Quarter…, Thanksgiving.

A time to gather with family and friends to celebrate the bounty feast that our gardens produce in this wonderful country we call Canada.

A time to celebrate our freedoms and to reflect on how truly fortunate we are.

On behalf of Diversified Staffing Services, we would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the gratefulness for our valued clients an appreciation for our vendors and gratitude for the dedication of each and every one of our staff members.

From our family to yours, we would like to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and an inspiring remainder of the 4th Quarter.