Red Carpet Ready … Presenting yourself…

PREPARATION Planning for the Big Day

Watching the stars from the comfort of your own home – do you sometimes wonder how can I present myself like them? A red carpet ready star spends weeks or even months in preparation for the big day – how can you be red carpet ready for your presentation?

  • Plan a good script
  • Surround yourself to succeed
  • Audition — Practice, practice, practice!
  • Accept good direction from your mentors and supporting staff

BEST COSTUME DESIGN – Wear your Confidence

Designer Zac Posen when asked what the red carpet is all about said, “Having fun…. Feeling comfortable, and feeling that ‘wow.’ You have to have that confidence – it’s the most important thing.”

If your best costume entails a bright welcoming smile mixed with the confidence of your abilities and that of your company, you just might win best dressed over all the others who are bringing forth the same product.

THE NOMINEES – Recognizing the Team

Part of Morgan Freeman’s acceptance speech once was, “I want to thank everybody and anybody who ever had anything at all to do with the making of this picture…”

When you represent a company, you may be the leading role and the first impression, but it’s you AND your team of supporting professionals who bring the success of the unit together. Keeping this in mind when you present, let your client know that the company is a group of professionals who work together to get the job done.

FILM EDITING – Keep it short when needed

Oscar acceptance speeches are limited to a 45 second deadline that restricts the winners from rambling on – you might find it tough to stick to the time-limit in your moment of glory. Keep in mind your audience and respect their time-line. Need to go back to rehearsal? — keep in your back pocket your 45 second overviews for those quick presentations. Being too long winded may get you kicked off the stage – how embarrassing!

BEST DIRECTOR – Make it happen

Director James Cameron once quoted, “A director’s job is to make something happen and it doesn’t happen by itself. So you wheedle, you cajole, you flatter people, you tell them what needs to be done. And if you don’t bring a passion and an intensity to it, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

Does your presentation lack the belief and passion for the product you are trying to sell? If you possess the zeal, dedication, eagerness and joy for your product, you will pass the enthusiasm on. Having trouble with this? Try this: Simply feel it first. Generate the excitement within yourself – the energy will overflow to your audience.

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO… – Close the Sale

Whether you are a first-time nominee or a most-nominated veteran, there are not many feelings comparable to winning the award! You don’t get to this point without being willing to participate, wanting to succeed, and asking for what you want.

And if you don’t succeed right away??…, try, try, and try again. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio – this year marks his third nomination for Best Actor and fourth Oscar nomination overall. If he wins, it will be his first Academy Award!