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Your Job Agencies Search is Over – Diversified Provides Labour Staffing Services

Need job agencies in Calgary or another city? If you want job placement agencies, Canada has many options for different fields but Diversified Staffing can handle your complete staffing needs for job placement agencies in Calgary and Canada wide. From fabrication staff to finding an oilfield recruitment labourer in Alberta, we can help! You don’t need several job agencies. It is possible for one company to serve all your needs.

We are one of the rare job agencies in Calgary who can provide labour HR services that makes your staffing process stress-free. Our recruitment team works so you don’t have to go on an endless job agencies search to fill different positions in your organization. We are able to find staff in multiple cities to fill diverse needs for our many clients. If you think you need five different job agencies, Calgary choices are abundant but dealing with several companies isn’t necessary when you deal with us. You don’t need job agencies for IT, a different agency for chemical engineering, and another for general labour. We will find you the full time skilled professional or part time labourer in Alberta you need for the job, and ensure that your staff is properly and efficiently compensated.

Job Agencies – IT, General Labour, and Skilled Technical Positions

Combining our Canadian payroll services with our labour HR offerings makes Diversified a convenient one-stop provider. We understand the requirements of Canadian labour HR. We ensure that each labourer or other staff member in Alberta that we provide for you has the skill set needed to perform the job. From geotechnical recruitment, oilfield recruitment to civil engineering recruitment, you will get a qualified labourer in Alberta, guaranteed.

Stop dealing with ineffective job placement agencies. Canada companies only need to choose Diversified to find the perfect labourer in Alberta or another province for your company for a temporary or permanent position.

Let Diversified help you with your labour staffing needs:

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