Financial Services Staffing Agencies vs. Conducting Your Own Accounting Staffing Search – Financial Staffing, Calgary

Financial Services Staffing Agencies, Are You Conducting Your Own Accountant Staffing Search?

At Financial Staffing Solutions, Calgary, we offer career information on accounting not simply to our employees, but our clients and potential clients. Here, let us walk you through the costs involved in placing a financial controller job description or a book keeping job description in the papers and traditional advertising methods, versus the costs involved in using Financial Staffing Solutions.

Just to write an effective newspaper advertisement for your job in financial modeling or even book keeping can take upwards of two hours. That’s two hours of either your own time or of your assistant’s time, which could be spent more effectively on other things.

Then, if you want to look professional, an advertising agency may have to go over your ad. You or your assistant will have to contact the newspapers, present the finished product to them and discuss the layout on the page. Resumes will come flowing in. Even more time is spent reading over the hundreds of resumes coming in, and slowly eliminating and then interviewing the applicants.

And all this for a temporary financial personnel position!

Compare that to calling up Financial Staffing Solutions and having a skilled, well trained employee appear at your office the next day. There really is no comparison.