Diversified provides labour HR services and Canadian payroll services

Diversified Staffing can handle your complete staffing needs. From fabrication staff to finding oilfield staffing labourer in Alberta, we can help! We provide labour HR services that make your staffing process stress-free. Our staffing team will find you the labourer in Alberta you need for the job, and ensure that your staff is properly and efficiently compensated.

Combining our Canadian payroll services with our labour HR offerings makes Diversified a convenient one-stop provider. We understand the requirements of Canadian labour HR. We ensure that each labourer in Alberta that we provide for you has the skill set needed to perform the job. From geotechnical staffing, oilfield staffing to civil engineering staffing, you will get a qualified labourer in Alberta, guaranteed.

Choose Diversified to find the perfect labourer in Alberta for your company.