Quality – Paramount for Accounting and Data Entry Temp Agencies

A Calgary & Edmonton Temp Agency with Strong Quality Policy Objectives

If you’re looking for an Edmonton temp agency or a staffing agency in Calgary, or elsewhere in the province of Alberta, look no further than Diversified Staffing Solutions. In addition to providing career information on accounting and other positions for our employees, we also assure our clients of continuing quality through our Quality Policy. By protecting both parties, the employer and the employee, we ensure the success of accountant recruitment, and the availability of data entry, accounting and other financial industry career opportunities. We are well-known in the province as a supplier of expert staff in areas such as data entry, IT, construction, and more.

We are a Calgary and Edmonton temp agency and are known as a top contender among the area’s data entry temp agencies with a major difference from many other agencies. We place a big priority on quality.

Our Quality Policy Objectives are applied to data entry, construction, IT, general labour, and more. We apply our expertise and strong quality objectives and policies to all our clients and our staff members.

  • Provide excellent service to our clients
  • Constantly improve the way we do business
  • Encourage employees to seek excellence in their work
  • Attract the best candidates for our accounting career opportunities
  • Reduce costs
  • Be recognized by clients and employees for Quality Assurance

Diversified knows that not every staffing agency in Calgary will provide ongoing quality assurance to both their clients and their employees. Accounting and data entry temp agencies who aren’t quality focused are in danger of alienating both sides of the very important employment equation. So whether you are searching for a data entry temp agency, temporary accounting job, or are looking to fill another Calgary or Edmonton temp position that has just opened up, with Diversified Staffing Solutions, you can be sure that you are entering into a relationship founded on trust and quality. Not all Calgary and Edmonton temp agency companies specialize in multiple industries and not all skilled and data entry temp agencies will work as closely with you on ensuring success as well will. If you need help filling positions in data entry, accounting, or other areas, don’t rely on just any staffing agency in Calgary or Edmonton, contact us today.

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