Alberta Oil & Gas Jobs, an Executive Staffing Company – World Staffing Solutions

World Staffing Solutions is the executive recruiting company that brings the world to you. Whether you are a young professional looking to come to Canada for an Alberta employment opportunity or a company looking to outsource your human resources, staffing & recruiting, World Staffing Solutions is the answer you are looking for.

Alberta oil & gas jobs today are international concerns and as such, we are an international company, hard at work to answer your calls with a complete solution to any of your current and future employment needs.

We work with you in every part of the Alberta job search, from putting together the office administrator job description, right on up to the executive recruitment. By combining the core needs of international recruitment with accreditation, education, immigration, and taxation solutions, we can help you fill in those skill gaps.

First step, recruitment. As a technical recruiting firm, we bring the best young technicians and engineers from around the world to you. By partnering with strategically located firms internationally, we expand your recruitment options beyond our borders.

Next, to ensure you receive the skills you need, each candidate is checked for accreditation, education, and ultimately capability. Once candidates have been selected and qualified, a full immigration process is completed.

Finally, as you have your new people, we help ensure the long-term connectivity to Alberta. By combining continuing education, taxation compliance and community mentoring with the employee and family, we help your people grow into you team and community.