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There is no denying it – there is a shortage of employment in Alberta. The Alberta -Edmonton job market is booming, the Alberta – Calgary job market is booming, and for those willing to take on the challenges of Grande Prairie and other smaller centres, there is no limit to the opportunities.

Diversified Staffing Services was started by two Canadians, born and raised in Calgary. Since our inception, we have had a unique perspective on Edmonton jobs & jobs in Calgary, Alberta.

With the boom, thousands have come to Alberta and are all looking to find a job that will suit their skill set. Our background in Calgary means that we have the roots to help you find the job you are looking for. Diversified Staffing Services has contract staff in every province and can meet your professional recruiting needs throughout North America.

No one needs to be told to come to Alberta – Calgary jobs are well paying and everywhere. Find the best job for you with Diversified.