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Fire Safety

29 Sep '17

  October is National Fire Safety Month, and there’s no better time to increase fire safety awareness in your workplace. Practice good workplace housekeeping. Clutter contributes to fires by providing fuel and by preventing access to exits and emergency equipment. Place oily rags in a covered metal container. This waste must be properly disposed of […]

Seasonal Flu Prevention Tips

15 Sep '17

Seasonal Flu Prevention Tips There’s no doubt about it, Cold and Flu Season is a sure thing, and it’s coming whether you’re ready or not. Nothing will take away all the risk of getting a cold or flu, but there are many things you can do to greatly reduce your chances of getting sick.   […]

WHMIS 2015 – An Overview

07 Sep '17

WHMIS Overview WHMIS first came into effect on October 31, 1988. It was created to address the rights of Canadian workers, to know about health and safety hazards associated with chemicals that they use or may come in contact with in the workplace. In February 2015, Canada aligned WHMIS with the Globally Harmonized System of […]