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Fashion Cents

27 Mar '12

Investing in your image can pay off professionally and boost your self-confidence By Tina McFadden, For The Calgary Herald March 18, 2012 Kim Lawrence began her career at a software company where she says colleagues wore pyjamas to work. A self-professed “fashion victim,” Lawrence, never thought too much about outfits, she didn’t like shopping for […]

Skills and Certifications

14 Mar '12

  Many people have a tough time breaking out of roles they have been in for an extended period of time. Every day we encounter frustrated candidates who are trying to break out of retail, food service or other roles into a more stable 9 to 5 type of position. These candidates are sometimes railroaded […]

Dressed For Success

14 Mar '12

  A collection of business wear for women was taken up at DSS then delivered to Suit Yourself in Edmonton, AB on Dec 5th 2011.     Suit Yourself is a not for profit charity that gives high quality and professional clothing to women who are looking for a new start in the work place. […]