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There’s still Fun in the Winter Sun

30 Dec '11

For many of us, this time of year brings colder weather, and blankets our usual areas of play and exercise with soft white snow. This results in staying inside longer where it’s warmer, and less time outside exercising and staying healthy. (Not to mention all the extra yummy treats around the holidays!) But why choose […]

Basic Exemption changes – Federal and Provincial

16 Dec '11

Please note the basic exemption for federal and provincial has changed effective Jan 1, 2012. A new TD1 form must be completed if you are claiming more than the basic amount for Federal / Provincial tax or requesting addition tax deduction. If there is no change to your basic exemption no action is required. For […]

The Latest in Sales Buzzwords

09 Dec '11

Every year, it seems, a new set of buzzwords and acronyms associated with those buzzwords gets added to our lexicon. Lol is not “love you lots”, but “laughing out loud”. Add an ROF in front and you are now “rolling on the floor” too. Add in business terms and buzz phrases and it sometimes it […]

Family Day To Be Introduced in 2013

07 Dec '11

In the October 3, 2011 throne speech, which opened the fourth session of the 39th Parliament, the Government of British Columbia announced that it plans to introduce a new provincial statutory holiday. The new holiday, known as Family Day, will be celebrated each year on the third Monday in February. In order to give employers […]