How It Works

As a dedicated staffing agency in Alberta, we focus on connecting candidates with great jobs. For our clients, this means quality people, who enjoy what they do, joining your ranks. We work with you every step of the way to ensure a positive experience and ample support in your search.

Here’s how our process looks:

Step 1

As an employer, you’ll identify the staffing needs of your company to one of our recruiters.

Step 2

Our recruiter will take the time to understand your organization’s needs based on an assessment.

Step 3

Once we understand your needs, our recruiter will consult with you regarding the best staffing solution, whether it’s a permanent employee, temporary employee, or one of our other staffing solutions.

Step 4

After we know what you need, we’ll take the time to understand what skills and qualifications are required for one of our candidates to excel at your company.

Step 5

Now, we move to our candidates, finding one who has the skills to fit with your organization.

Step 6

Next, we’ll prepare our candidate with your job requirements and for work in your organization.

Step 7

You’ll start your relationship with your new employee, a motivated and well-understood candidate who will help you achieve your goals.

Step 8

Finally, we’ll conduct a follow-up call to ensure you’ve made a positive connection with your new employee.

Some of the different staffing solutions we offer include:

  • Temporary Placement
    • This program offers timely placement of skilled workers for both office and industrial positions
  • Temporary to Budget
    • We’ve created an innovative cost-saving program that significantly reduces the mark-up at the conclusion of the trial period. Contact us for more information about this program.
  • Temporary to Permanent
    • We’ve designed an industry-leading program to move employees from temporary to permanent with no fee to the client.
  • Permanent Placement
    • This program gives candidates the opportunity to find permanent employment that helps them achieve their goals and find a career they’ll love.
  • Non-Core Payroll
    • This work program is ideal for companies that hire students, contracts, or trial period workers.

Frequently Asked Questions