About Us – One of the Premiere Staffing Agency in Alberta

We are a staffing agency in Alberta that offers a unique approach to staffing by focusing on candidates first. We’re better suited to match our candidates with the client they’ll work best with because we know their goals, and that means better productivity and teamwork.

We also offer clients a host of services in a variety of sectors, including office, industrial, technical, financial, health care, and payable services. We provide unique advantages in temporary and permanent staffing solutions, and our sales staff are well-equipped to recognize where these services can be best utilized.

Our head office is located in Calgary, with branch offices in Edmonton and Red Deer. With 140 employees and contact staff in every province, we’re capable of meeting all your job search needs.

As an independent service company, our ability to act and react quickly to the changing needs of our clients got us named the Calgary Herald Reader’s Choice #1 Recruitment Firm in Calgary. We owe our success to the direct involvement, support, and commitment of ownership throughout the company.