Why It Works

Our program works because of personalization. We are one of the premiere staffing agencies in Alberta, and we take the time to understand our candidates before they start working. When we know what you want, we can scour our extensive Alberta job listings to find you a great job. In the end, this process works because of three criteria:

  • Fit – When you’re placed in a position that makes sense to you, you’re more likely to excel. Your job needs to connect with your skills, your needs, and the needs of your employer.
  • Safety – You can’t achieve your best if you’re in an environment where you don’t feel safe. We won’t put you in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, but if you do, we also have resources and support to help you out.
  • Value – It’s important that you feel appreciated for the work you do. We connect our candidates with employers who understand hard work and value it when it’s done.

Frequently Asked Questions