Our Recruiters

Our recruiters are trained to listen to, and understand, your needs as a candidate. We’re confident they’re the best people you’ll find in all the recruitment agencies Alberta has to offer. When you leave a meeting with one of our professional recruiters, you can trust them to search through our Alberta job listings and find you a position that you can be excited about.Our recruiters are organized below by office. Find the office for your needs and get in touch.
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Office Division
T: 403.237.5577
F: 403.269.1428
Kate McKenzie
James Hughes
Industrial Division
T: 403.237.5741
F: 430.269.1428
Ricky Marinelli
James Hughes


Office Division
T: 780.429.9058
F: 780.425.7419
Marilyn Bussey
Joe Clay
Industrial Division
T: 780.424.8051
F: 780.425.7419
Marilyn Bussey
Dave Hingley

Red Deer

T: 403.343.8161
F: 403.343.3899
Domenic Nocera