A Message from the Vice Chairs at Alberta’s Promise

“Life,” according to Albert Einstein, “is like riding a bicycle. To keep your
balance, you must keep moving.” The same is true for organizations: it is only
by moving forward that we succeed. And our forward momentum at Alberta’s Promise
is only building.

A few short weeks into 2014 and Alberta’s Promise is
already laying an ambitious foundation for the year ahead. Our staff members are
developing the partnership tools and resources to strengthen the role of the
organization as a provincial resource for child-focused community investment
opportunities and as a facilitator of corporate investments in kids. The plan
includes a bold community engagement schedule, a communication and recognition
strategy for partners, and the tools to help partners enter into successful
shared-value partnerships.

An important element of the plan is ensuring
that Alberta’s Promise creates more opportunities for service providers to share
their community needs, for business to access community investment opportunities
and develop investment strategies, and for all partners to share and celebrate
their partnership successes. Working in collaboration with existing agency and
partner networks, Alberta’s Promise will engage communities across the province
and help fill the gap in communities where partnerships are most

We hope that you’ll add to our momentum and provide us with
valuable feedback on our services.

On behalf of the Premier’s Council on
Alberta’s Promise, we wish you a prosperous 2014 and we hope you’ll continue to
move forward with us in support of children and youth.


Vice Chairs

Bernie Kollman
Vice President
Public Sector Alberta
IBM Canada Ltd.

Sue Riddell Rose
President and CEO
Perpetual Energy


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